NFL Street 2 Unleashed Cheats For PSP

  1. Cheat Codes

    These codes are entered in the cheats and codes in the options menu. The codes will be saved to your user ID.

    Codes are case sensitive

    *Available only in Single Player Quick Game Mode

    Code Effect
    NozBoost Unlimited Turbo*
    GreasedPig Fumble Mode(other team fumbles)*
    GlueHands No Fumble Mode*
    BIGSmash Gargantuan Players*
    MagnetHands Max Catch*
    ENASFSCT NFC West All Stars
    SNOFUCTH NFC South All Stars
    NNAS66784 NFC North All-Stars
    NNOFRCTH NFC East All Stars
    WAEFSCT AFC West All Stars
    SAOFUCTH AFC South All Stars
    EAASFSCT AFC East All Stars
    NAOFRCTH AFC North All Stars
    Reebok Reebok Team
    EAField EA Field
    str2mkryz Gridiron Field and Legend Team
    GRIDIRONPRK Gridiron Field (or complete NFL challenge mode)
    TeamXzibit Play as Team Xzibit (or complete tutorials)
    BloominGroup No textures
    SighsMatters Random size players
    Shrunken Tiny players
    BIGPig Big ball
    NoChains No first downs
    FirstFirst 10 yard first downs
    Trick3dOut All chains mode
    RuinedPicnic Ants mode
    XxGBCraZ 10x Gamebreaker
    llxGBCraZ 1x Gamebreaker
    CementShoes Bad jumping and O-Moves
    BlastTackle Max Tackle
    GottaBDShoes Max Speed