NFL GameDay 2000 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following in the Easter Eggs section of the options menu:

    Code Effect
    EVEN TEAMS All Players Are Equal
    GOLIATH Large Players
    HOME COOKING No Penalties on Home Team
    GLOVES Recievers Catch Better
    SLIDESHOW View a Slideshow of Chearleaders
    CREDITS View Credits
    BLINDERS No Pass Interference
    GD Challenge Unlock Hidden Difficulty Level
    PENCILS Tall And Skinny Players
    FLEA CIRCUS Tiny Players
    JUICE Super Speeds Burst
    DAVIS Running Back is Injured
    PISTON Super Stiff Arm
    PRESIDENTS Presidential Names
    STAMINA No Fatigues
    STEEL LEGS Longer Field Goals
    BIG BALLS Larger Football
    JACK HAMMER More Hits
    HAMSTRUNG More Injuries
    HANGTIME Bigger Punts
    BETTIS Better Running Back
    BIG HITS Harder Tackles
    989SPORTS 989 Studios Players

    Contributed by: Rage012