NFL Fever 2002 Cheats For Xbox

  1. Demo mode

    Hold the L + R + Black + White at the ''Press start button'' menu to go into demo mode.

    Contributed by: viper5116 

  2. Unlock Roman Colliseum

    To unlock the Roman Colliseum, play Dynasty Mode until 2015 Off-season.

    Contributed by: yoda31us 

  3. Unlock Wildcats with code

    Enter as a Name in Create Use Profile option, `Kitty`

    Contributed by: UhhSam 

  4. Change your possesion with the Computer


    While in game, select Field Goal for your play. WHILE THE BALL IS KICKED IN THE AIR, press start, then save and quit. When you reload the game, the computer will have the ball going the opposite direction with the down that you had when you kicked the field goal.

    Contributed by: silver sun 

  5. Unlock Teams

    Code Effect
    Beat them in Fantasy Challenge. The Commandos
    Beat Training Mode. The Cows
    Beat Training Mode. The Hackers
    Beat Training Mode. The Wildcats
    Complete Basic-Advanced Training. The Warcows
    Beat them in Fantasy Challenge. The Hackers
    Beat them in Fantasy Challenge. The Crocs
    Beat them in Fantasy Challenge. The Skeletons

    Contributed by: Nivrae 

  6. Unlock the new Seattle Stadium

    Just go through 5 years of Dynasty mode to unlock the brand new Seattle Stadium for play.

    Code Effect
    Play through 5 years of Dynasty Mode. New Seattle Stadium

    Contributed by: Mike Sileck 

  7. Unlockable players

    Code Effect
    In one game with one quarterback, throw more than 600 yards. Joe Montana

    Contributed by: nado 

  8. All Teams And Stadiums

    Enter the word following the team/stadium as your Profile Name to unlock it. The words are case-sensitive (Note: You will need multiple profiles to unlock all of them)

    Code Effect
    Camo The Commandos
    BigBacks The Gladiators
    Crikey The Crocs
    Axeman The Hackers
    Stone The Skeletons
    Robes The Monks
    Viola The Pansies
    Slasher The Samurai
    Kitty The Wildcats
    Horns The War Elephants
    Odyssey Millenium Stadium
    LionPit Roman Stadium
    SeaTown New Seattle Stadium
    Regulate The Chromides
    Milk The Cows
    Tut The DaRulahs
    Target The Spies
    Dusty The Tumbleweeds
    Odyssey2 Abyss Stadium
    Dome Practice Stadium
    BROADWAY Unlocks Everything

    Contributed by: The_Theory