NFL Blitz Special Edition Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Secret Codes

    At the ''Vs.'' screen before the game starts, enter the following codes using the (first) turbo, (second) jump, and (third) pass buttons followed by a direction on the D-pad. Press each one the amount of times indicated.

    Code Effect
    5-1-4-Up Infinite Turbo
    3-1-2-Up Powerup Offense
    3-1-2-Left Powerup Blocking
    4-2-1-Up Powerup Defense
    1-2-3-Left Super Field Goals
    2-5-0-Left Quick Passes
    0-3-2-Left Fast Turbo Running
    2-3-3-Up Powerup Teammates
    4-3-3-Up Invisible
    0-1-0-Up Late Hits Legal
    0-0-1-Right Punt Hang Meter
    0-0-1-Down Show Field Goal %
    1-5-1-Up No Punting
    3-3-3-Up QB/Receiver Cancel Always
    3-2-1-Down Target Receiver No Highlighting On
    3-1-4-Down Smart AI (1 player only)
    2-2-2-Left Always QB (2-4 players)
    2-2-2-Right Always Receiver (2-4 players)
    2-1-1-Left Allow Stepping QB
    5-2-1-Right Show More Field
    2-1-0-Up No First Downs
    1-0-0-Up Use Team Plays
    1-0-2-Right Hide Receiver Name
    0-5-0-Right Big Football
    2-0-0-Right Big Heads
    0-4-0-Up Huge Heads
    3-2-1-Left No Heads
    1-2-3-Right Headless Team
    3-1-0-Right Tiny Players
    2-0-3-Right Team Big Heads
    1-1-1-Down Tournament Mode (2 player only)
    5-5-5-Up Hyper Blitz (2 player must agree)
    0-1-2-Down No AI Assistance (teams must agree)
    0-2-1-Right Show More Field (teams must agree)
    1-1-5-Left No Play Selection (teams must agree)
    4-0-4-Left Powerup Speed (teams must agree)
    4-2-3-Down No Random Fumbles (teams must agree)
    5-5-5-Up Hyper Blitz (teams must agree)
    0-3-0-Down Foggy Weather
    5-2-5-Down Snowy Weather
    2-1-2-Left Clear Weather
    3-0-0-Up Grass Field
    3-0-1-Up Asphalt Field
    3-0-2-Up Dirt Field
    3-0-3-Up Astroturf Field
    3-0-4-Up Snow Field
    5-0-1-Up Old Day Stadium
    5-0-2-Left Baseball Stadium
    5-0-2-Up Old Night Stadium
    5-0-3-Up Old Snow Stadium
    5-0-4-Up Round Stadium
    5-0-4-Left Dome Stadium
    5-0-5-Left Olympic Stadium
    5-0-0-Left No Stadium

    Contributed by: Baseman