Absolutely dreadful.

User Rating: 2.8 | NFL Blitz 20-02 GBA
Game Review-Gameboy Advance-NFL Blitz 2002

Review 70

Released: September 17, 2001
Developer: Midway, OutLook
Game Genre: Football

The best part of the game and sadly, it sucks. It fails miserably. But still, it’s better than any of the GBC NFL Blitzes. There are the typical Season and Exhibition modes, but this one lacks the playoff mode, probably because nobody ever played the other handheld NFL Blitzes enough to play the playoff mode. There is also a mini-game mode that contains stats and trivia and practices and stuff like that.

The in-game play is still lacking, well…everything, but it’s a little easier to control. Also, the point-of view is no longer aerial, it’s at an angle in the backfield, so more of the field can be seen. A little arrow points over the receiver that you will throw to, so you know who is going to catch the ball. There is still no running game, only a passing game.

The graphics have improved just enough to be called “ghastly” instead of just “terrible”. You can now tell who is tackling whom, and the colors have improved so that you know what team you are controlling. Improvements
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The game itself really hasn’t improved, but the graphical qualities and the controls have improved enough to keep it from getting a 1. Of course, the only reason that happened was because this one’s on the Gameboy Advance.

Enough said. This game sucks. Easy to put down.

The only part of the game I’d say has truly gotten better. Clear sound helps a game a lot. Now, instead of “Togghs dowgne!” you hear “Touch Down!”.