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User Rating: 2.3 | NFL Blitz 20-02 GBA
Wow, now where do I start? I could start with the awful selection of minigames. I could even start with the lack of being able to save(Which by the way has been around for more then 20 years in all video games except this one). However, I think I will start with one of the worst defect I have ever seen in a football game. The ability to dive endlessly in order to go faster then the computor is not what I think of when I think of realism.
I played this series when it first came out for the n64 and it was the best thing ever. You could slam your opponent into the ground after the play and you could do all sorts of other nasty, mean and down right enjoyable things, but for some reason this game decided that tackling after the play was not good for the gameboy. What the heck? When I buy a blitz game I want to be able to do that kind of stuff.
The graphics are horrible even for the GBA it looks like a gameboy color game. Not to mention their are only 8 plays on defense and 24 plays on offense with each side having a play that will just take out the computer.
Please don't waste your time on this garbage, instead, buy blitz for ps2 or for the n64.

Oh btw the sound is crap and there are only about 5-7 different announcer clip all of which are extremely annoying. I gave the game mediocre value because you could probably buy it for the price of an ounce of plastic.