Super fun, easy to play, Awesome!

User Rating: 8.6 | NFL Blitz 20-02 XBOX
I'm not really big into the sports games, but this is an awesome game. If you've ever played NFL blitz on nintendo 64 this is pretty much the same game, but with better graphics, and so on. You can play a season, quickplay (exhibition), 2 player, etc. This is a very simple game to play. You either play against the computer or against another player. The game begins, and you are either on offence of defence. You choose a play. You hut the ball and either run it, or through it to either X, B, or Y. You can Juke, tackle, and sprint. You have 4 downs to get a touch down, and you have 4 downs to stop the other team from getting a touchdown. Of course you can punt, kick field goals, and do fakes. The thing I like about this game is the simplicity. Some other football games have complicated plays, etc. which can make the game not as fun. As I said before it's a very easy game, which is really fun. It's especially fun with a bunch of friends. There are tournaments, co-op games, and more. Of course, as with all games you can only play it for so long. You can get a lot of good quality gaming time out of this game. This is an older game and it is now very affordable. Nevertheless it's a really fun game to play.