Yeah awesome game, Interesting Stories and all! :D

So this game is really good most of the mechanics came from Uncharted2.
but I didn't disregard that it's still awesome, Graphics gets better and better for this game series, sounds got slight difference from 2 and 3 but I think it's better in Uncharted 3. Story gets more Interesting. even if it's the end of the story I still anticipate for future Uncharted game if ever that they will make one again.
Graphics got massive improvement especially in the Desert part really looks realistic. Sounds also got better Guns sounds became louder and more adrenaline pumping, the Story of the game adds the Thrill to it.
added characters are also made it better and the returning characters are same way in the new. it was better especially for Charlie Cutter in the first you'll thought that he's one of the bad guys but surprisingly not. well most of it are great what more I can Say?
Graphics 5
Sounds 5
heh the story is in both of the scores