Continues the Fallout legacy with the fallout 3 way, succeeds greatly with improvements but also with some faults

I rate on a 0-10 scale so 5 is average and so on.
Long live Bethesda

3 years after the events of Fallout 3, you're a courier looking for the person who tried to kill you to get something vital to the story, in Nevada.....Vegas to be more exact.
A robot digs you up from a grave, and a doctor heals you. Then you go on to the journey of exploration and looking for the thief.
Large amount of weapons, locations (more than Fallout 3) and a huge world ( as big as FO3). You can choose stats, skills and perks when you start the game and level up. And also karma that affects how people treat you. Faction karma system has been added to the game, certain factions will act friendly, neutral or hostile to you depending on how you've affected them.
VATS is back so you can take down enemies faster, but iron sights are also added to the vanilla game but they're a bit broken.
The weapons in the beginning are boring, but towards the middle, you'll get some bad ass weapons. There are also mods to the weapons, pretty limited but useful.
The game is about 20-30 hours with the main quest. Doing most of the side quests lasts for about 60-80. Exploring EVERY location is 100+ hours, without any of the DLCs.
Some additional things like the inventory system, which is the same compared to FO3, the radio, around the same, and better companions with the companion wheel makes the game a great game compared to fallout 3, which was also good.
However, there might be a couple more crashes, bugs and freezes in this game then fallout 3, but the graphics has been improved a bit, even though you can't really get the wasteland-ish feeling as much as FO3.
Get Project Nevada,Shrapnel weapons mod, Weapon Mods Expanded, Nevada Skies, Radio mod, and other minor mods to make this game better.
There's also hardcore mode, which gives a "realistic" feel to the game. At rare occasions, it might make your game unplayable when you need to get heal yourself, eat, drink or sleep. However, for me it's still not too hard..

Same great voice acting from Fallout 3
A lot more locations
Open World
Large variety of weapon and added weapon mods
Iron Sights
Factions Karma System
Still good story
Companion Wheel
Hardcore mode for more experienced players

Silly side quests (some)
optimization issues
Basically the same, whether you like it or not
Less wasteland-ish