Surprisingly Good!!

User Rating: 10 | New Super Mario Bros. DS
Its pretty much just like the old ones. 2-D, save the princess, defeat bowser...Oh wait! You dont always fight bowser! You fight Pokey's, Baby Bowser, those fish, who I temperaly forgot there name, and others. And the characters are 3-D.

There are also new items. Ones that make you really big and ones that make you really small. There are also the fire flowers and the normal mushrooms. There are probally about 100 or so levels?

This game also has mini-games just like SUper Mario 64. Some new and some old. I think you can unlock some but I have yet to found out how.

Multi-player is in this game also. One play Mario and the other Luigi. Fight for the stars! And don't forget! You can also go multi- player with the mini-games too. You only need one game card.

This game is really good.