Lets play a friendly poll game

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in case you didn't already know, ign is reviewing this next week on nov 15. I'm sure gamespot got it early too and they'll review it as well. I'm a huge advocate of this system and I expect (from what I've seen so far) NSMBU to score anything from a 9.5 to a 10. I also suspect gamespot will score this a 9 and 9.5 to 10 if its REALLY exceptional - they are much tougher reviewers than IGN Usually. I am just having some fun and wanna gauge peoples thoughts on this huge upcoming release as well as what they think major pubs will think of it. I heard its VERY deep, gameplay-wise...

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8.5 ok a little lower than I guessed but for me it's a 9.5 and the graphics... Just wow **** mind blowing I heard people saying it looked last gen whatever that means??? rofl its beautiful! Love it so far I'm only two worlds in I am going so so so slow