New Super Mario Bros. U Cheats For Wii U

  1. Fireworks at the end of the level

    If you touch the flagpole and the last 2 digits match (11, 22, etc.), fireworks will appear. The number of fireworks depend on the last 2 digits. 11 is 1 firework, 22 is 2 fireworks and so forth.

    Contributed by: IceQueenZer0 

  2. Flagpole Secrets

    Complete a level and if the last 2 digits of the timer match excluding 00, Fireworks will appear and Toad will also give you an Item. Below is the list of the items unlocked by their matching timer digits.

    Code Effect
    Last 2 digits equalling 11 or 22 Super Mushroom
    Last 2 digits equalling 33 or 44 Fire Flower
    Last 2 digits equalling 55 Ice Flower
    Last 2 digits equalling 77 Super Accorn
    Last 2 digits equalling 88 or 99 Star
    Last 2 digits equalling 66 Tiny Mushroom

    Contributed by: SCVengeance 

  3. Save game at any time from overworld map

    Finish Story Mode, and "Quick Save" will be replaced with "Save" on the start menu for the overworld. You can now save at any time from the overworld--not just after finishing important levels.

    Contributed by: consummate gamer 

  4. Propeller Hat and Penguin Suit

    Upon completing the game once and unlocking Superstar Road, the Propeller Hat and Penguin Suit power-ups [from New Super Mario Bros. Wii] are made available from the Toad Houses located there. Once obtained, they can used in any level in the game.

    Contributed by: chrono01 

  5. Visit Toad Houses Repeatedly

    Earn all five stars on your profile, and you can visit Toad Houses repeatedly without them becoming inactive (previously inactive Toad Houses will become accessible again).

    Contributed by: consummate gamer 

  6. Save File Stars

    You can earn up to 5 stars on your save file through varying degrees of completion of the main story mode.

    Code Effect
    Beat Bowser in story mode. 1 star
    Unlock and beat every level outside of Superstar Road. 2 stars
    Get every star coin outside of Superstar Road. 3 stars
    Get every star coin in the first 8 levels of Superstar Road to unlock the last level. 4 stars
    Catch 7 Nabbits (1 from each world except Peach's Castle and Superstar Road) and get every star coin in Superstar Road-9. 5 stars

    Contributed by: MetalSmasher86 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by IceQueenZer0 99K