Another unoriginal game from nintendo.Is it fun?

User Rating: 6 | New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS
When i seen trailers of this game,i was highly disappointed in Nintendo for rehashing the same game over and over again.
Then my brother bought the game and i got to play it.
Pros: Fun gameplay, some replay value to hold you in for a while.

Cons: Runs heavily on nostalgia,Too easy,Too short Not much to do after you beat it,Recycled Music,Nothing new,To similar to past games,Not worth the 40$ price tag.

OVERALL- This is another fun Mario game that is easy to play. However its too similar to past games and not enough new content and took about 3 hours to beat.
I would recommended this for fans of the old 2D Mario games.I would not recommended this for someone that is looking for something new and challenging.