Wow, really, 2 already.......

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It only seems like yesterday, okay longer, but it does not seem that long ago when NSMB was first introduced into our lives, & what a delightful side scroller of a game it was. Only recently, while on holiday in Lanzarote I revisted all 8 worlds & it still feels fresh.

So, how can two improve on the first one? Although I really enjoy my 3ds, I can't quite get the need for 3D on a side scroller, I've just about got my head around it on Mario World 3D, & that took some time! 

If Nintendo hadn't made improvements & added new idea's they wouldn't be releasing this game, so I look forward to the build up, just can't imagine what they have done to make number 2.

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And so, just two short months later, I've pre-ordered it. If you can't beat the hype.................join it.