Is this free mmo or pay to win?

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is this more like LOTRO where you play free but with limits.

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There's no limits that I've seen. I'm not sure why people are saying it's pay to win. You can pay real money for cosmetics and a few unique items if you want to, but they're not needed and the game has more than enough free content to easily fly through the main game.
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It's actually better than most free to play. The primary currency in the game are "Astral Diamonds". You use them in the auction house and buy many many items with them. There are a handful of items that require ZEN. Zen is normally purchased from Perfect World for real money. You then use the ZEN for things like fast mounts, more powerful companions, lock boxes (that can contain rare items/gear), extra inventory/bank slots, and even ink you can use to dye your gear different colors. If you choose not to buy any ZEN, you can also use the in game exchange to trade your Astral Diamonds for ZEN... at whatever the current asking price is... or name your own. This allows you to trade your hard earned diamonds with other players that wanna get rid of some of their extra ZEN. There are lots of ways to get astral diamonds... from doing things like daily quests, schedule specific events, and even the leadership perfession. Being that the auction house also uses the diamons, you can always sell some of the nicer items in the game for a whole bunch of diamonds... and then exchange them for ZEN if you want to.


And all of these things are niceties... not "you need it to win" types of things. You can easily play every facet of this game and not spend a penny... alothough I feel that once you really get into it, you'll feel obligated to toss them a little money. It's a damn fun game.