Outstanding Multiplayer! A must have FPS!!!

Only ever having played the multiplayer right from the start, this game owns. It is seriously addictive and the gameplay is by far awsome.

Teamdeath match offering hardcore and non hc mode is where its at, great weapon unlocks and customizable combinations of loadouts makes killing great. The graphics are spot on, awsome smoke effects and bullet animations.

The only let down is the random spawn in multiplayer, it will annoy you. Having just killed someone then have the enemy spawn behind you randomly and take you out gets very annoying. The action in this game will get your heart pumping!!!! its so so epic. It is def my first choice of fps games to play and the most addictive by far. If you havent tried the multiplayer? do it now!!!!

With the release of cod modern warfare 2 comming up i hope to see some great add ins and awsome multiplayer!