Amazing artworks, awesome music and also Mario, Luigi and Peach. What else is left to say...

SSX On Tour is the 4th of the SSX title and it gives the game a whole new feeling to the game. I've never played SSX 3 but from what i heard that was a very realistic snowboarding game, but i wouldn't know, so i can't compare On Tour with SSX 3. But whe compared to SSX Tricky, its definitelly a huge improvent.

As soon as u start up your gamecube, you will notice the new look to the game with the awesome looking crazy artworks. The interface menu is cool to look at and its interesting since its never been done like this before. One thing that stand out the most in this game is definitely the artwork.

On to gameplay, the game plays exactly like the rest of the SSX franchise, with a few adjustments. Now, you get to join the "On Tour" where you create your own character and fight your way to the top ranking. On top of creating your own character options, you can also choose whether you want to shred it up on a board or ski. Controls have been toned down a bit by moving what used to be called the "Uber Tricks" to the c-sticks. The monster tricks looks good especially with the matrix-style time stop while doing it. Btw, did i mention u also get to use Mario, Luigi and Peach which is pretty cool.

Multiplayer haven't changed a bit, except for now you pick events (races/trick events) from the "On Tour" challenges. But one thing that did let me down was the fact that in multiplayer, the tricks are not shown at the bottom of the screen. Other than tat, its still fun to play with friends or siblings.

On to the music, they've gone to the headbangin rock/metal music which i personally love. So, the music felt awesome to me.

One more thing, the game does get frustratingly hard when u achieve the title of pro-master, so beware cause the game is tough to beat. The framerate issues never occured with my game except ONLY during some multiplayer sessions.

If you're a fan of the series, then you will definitely want to get this game. And to people new to the series, definitely worth checking out.