Neverwinter Nights: Platinum Cheats For PC

  1. In game codes

    Press ~ to access console

    Code Effect
    DebugMode 1 Enables Codes
    DebugMode 0 Disables Codes
    GiveXP # Gives that number of XP
    GetLevel # Where # is the number of levels you want to increase. Gives you levels.
    dm_givegold # Enter amount of gold wanted in replace of #
    dm_god God mode.
    dm_cowsfromhell Just try this one, it's great
    GiveXP # Give a set amount of XP.
    hidepartynames Hide your party's names on the sidebar.
    dm_gettime Display current game time.
    fps Display your frames per second.
    dm_modifysavewill # Change your will saving throw.
    dm_modifysavereflex # Change your reflex saving throw.
    dm_modifysavefortitude # Change your fortitude saving throw.
    dm_modifyage # Change your character's age.
    SetAppearance (001-298) Change your character's appearance.
    dm_heal Heal all damage done to your main character.
    dm_allspells 1 Allows the use of every spell in the game. No class restrictions.
    dm_levelup Gives you just enough XP to gain one level.
    dm_modifyattackbase # Modify your base to-hit bonus.
    dm_modifyspellresistence Modify your spell resistence.
    dm_givelevel # Raises your level.
    dm_settime Set current game time.
    dm_setrace Set your character's race.
    SetCHA # Sets Charisma (9-50).
    SetCON # Sets Constitution (9-50).
    SetDEX # Sets Dexterity (9-50).
    SetINT # Sets Intelligence (9-50).
    dm_mylittlepony Speed Cheat.
    showpartynames Show your party's names on the sidebar.
    SetWIS # Sets Wisdom (9-50).
    SetSTR # Sets Strength (9-50).
    ModSTR # Add specific number to Strength
    ModINT # Add specific number to Intelligence
    ModWIS # Add specific number to Wisdom
    ModDEX # Add specific number to Dexterity
    ModCON # Add specific number to Constitution
    ModCHA # Add specific number to Charisma

    Contributed by: amh714 

  2. Spawn Creatures

    At any time during play, press ctrl + space and type in CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(''xxxxxx'').

    Replace the XXXXXX with one of the following to spawn that monster.

    You can only spawn one monster at a time.

    Code Effect
    gendao01 Spawn Dao.
    gendji01 Spawn Djinni.
    wolfdr01 Spawn Dread Wolf.
    genefr01 Spawn Efreeti.
    gncap01 Spawn Gnoll Captain.
    gneli01 Spawn Gnoll Elite.
    gnlfli01 Spawn Gnoll Flind.
    gnsha01 Spawn Gnoll Shaman.
    gnsla01 Spawn Gnoll Slasher.
    gnvet01 Spawn Gnoll Veteran.
    gnlwar01 Spawn Gnoll Warrior.
    gnoll01 Spawn Gnoll.
    gendjn01 Spawn Noble Djinni.
    genefn01 Spawn Noble Efreeti.
    wolfva01 Spawn Vampiric Wolf.
    wolfwi01 Spawn Winter Wolf.
    wolfdi Spawn Wolf.
    wolf01 Spawn Wolf.
    wolfo01 Spawn Worg.
    wolfzo01 Spawn Zombie Wolf.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Other Reference Guide by Naranek Angmar 593K
FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by RMurtha 995K