Really Good!

Well I borrowed Age Of Empires 1 from my Cousin, but then my 17 th b-day I asked my mommy to buy me AOE 2. Good Choice.

I loved the new castles and new units. It's a great time period they chose to set this game in. I love the Knights and Archers and all that. I love the way the archer could now shoot over the wall instead of having to walk around it to be able to shoot enemy units.

Although the formation feature looks really cool, it could be a bit of an irritation because your units all have to move as slow as the slowest unit in the battalion. That means if you have like 30 Cavalry units and one Catapult, everyone has to move as slow as the catapult.

The other thing I do not like is the level of the AI. They would come once or twice in one Death match with a horde of troopers and if you defeat them, they do not attack again. They just sit around gathering recourses. This makes the game a bit on the irritating side.

Other than that, I love the game.