A total waste of time and a huge disspaointment for POP fans like me...

I have started the game with many expectations on seeing the trailer.
The story is OK. But it should have been better...
I have seen that the cam controls are still bad. To say, its the worse in the POP series. I felt Sands of time was better than this.
The combat is very easy though you need to fight 20 or more at a time..
I have played it in Normal mode but could complete it in one go.
After playing all pop games, i felt this one unnecessary in the series...
The powers are OK, but are not much needed.
Overall, i felt that it is not worth buying and playing.
I am happy i borrowed it from my friend to play as i did not want to waste my money..
Easy to complete in just 7-8 hrs...
Overall 7/10.
Combat 6/10.
Graphics 8/10
Presentation 6/10
Gameplay 7/10
Finally an advice to POP Fans..:
Buy this only if you wanna collect the series or wanna play POP all the time..
But i prefer to play Warrior within or Two thrones than POPTFS..