Very good game. Incredibly hard and can leave you with sore hands!

Sonic riders is a great game and is money well spent when compared with previous sonic titles that were horrible *heroes*. I feel the game is unneccesarily difficult and its true that no matter how fast or how many rails you grind on, your opponents will easily catch up with you. The instruction booklet gave no helpful information. It basically told you who the characters were and how to save your progress etc. But it gave you no info. on how to actually play. I was okay with that until i figured out there was no tutorial. It took me an hour or two to get the hang of the controls. And im playing on a gamecube, there are only like six buttons.

The graphics were very nice especially once you started to go at high speeds. The environments are great and the tracks are pretty nice. and detailed. The game could have more tracks in the beginning though, you get more as you get farther in the game.

There could have been more characters, and I say this with most games.
The game itself is highly addictive and fun, which only comes on multi-player. Also, it really sucks that you can't play multiplayer without the cpu unless you have four people playing. Thats right. I play with my little brother and we play two player and we have to have two cpu players at all times.
Another gripe is that the items at the shop are expensivve and you can only get up to 100 rings per race. One board cost 2500 rings. That means I'd have to racew on a track twenty five times and get 100 rings each time to buy it.

I rally like the game, although you probably cant tel by reading this. I have a lot of gripes:
1. too hard
2. not enough characters
3.too hard
4. cant play mutilpayer with just two people, must have the cpu playing as well
5. too hard
6. no tutorial, booklet is waste of paper