Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Cheats For PC

  1. Cheats

    Hit the tilde key ~ to access the console.
    Note that you should type some letters if they're capitalize because it won't work if you don't.

    Code Effect
    DebugMode 0 Disable cheats.
    DebugMode 1 Enables Cheats.
    dm_allspells 0 Turns off the above code.
    dm_allspells 1 Allows the use of every spell in the game. No class restrictions.
    dm_cowsfromhell Summons cow to help you.
    dm_gettime Display current game time
    dm_givegold # Gives you Gold.
    dm_givelevel # Raises your level.
    dm_god God mode.
    dm_heal Heal yourself. Works like potion.
    dm_levelup Level Up.
    dm_modifyage # Change your character's age.
    dm_modifyattackbase # Modify your base to-hit bonus.
    dm_modifysavefortitude # Change your fortitude saving throw.
    dm_modifysavereflex # Change your reflex saving throw.
    dm_modifysavewill # Change your will saving throw.
    dm_modifyspellresistence Modify your spell resistence.
    dm_mylittlepony Speed Cheat.
    dm_setrace Set your character's race.
    dm_settime Set current game time
    fps Display your frames per second.
    GiveXP # Give a set amount of XP.
    hidepartynames Hide your party's names on the sidebar
    SetAppearance Change your character's appearance. (001-298)
    SetCHA # Sets Charisma (9-50)
    SetCON # Sets Constitution (9-50).
    SetDEX # Sets Dexterity (9-50).
    SetINT # Sets Intelligence (9-50).
    SetSTR # Sets Strength (9-50)
    SetWIS # Sets Wisdom (9-50).
    showpartynames Show your party's names on the sidebar.
    ModINT # Add specific number to Intelligence
    ModWIS # Add specific number to Wisdom
    ModCHA # Add specific number to Charisma
    ModcCON # Add specific number to Constitution
    ModDEX # Add specific number to Dexterity
    ModSTR # Add specific number to Strength

    Contributed by: megavolnutt99 

  2. Spawn Creatures

    While playing, press ctrl + space and type in CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(''code'')
    Note that you can only summon one at a time.

    Code Effect
    wolfdi dire wolf
    wolfdr01 dread wolf
    wolfva01 vampiric wolf
    wolfwi01 winter wolf
    wolf01 wolf
    wolfo01 worg
    wolfzo01 zombie wolf
    gendji01 djinni
    gendjn01 noble djinni
    genefr01 efreeti
    genefn01 noble efreeti
    gnoll01 gnoll
    gnlfli01 gnoll flind
    gnsha01 gnoll shaman
    gnlwar01 gnoll warrior
    gnsla01 gnoll slasher
    gnvet01 gnoll veteran
    gneli01 gnoll elite
    gncap01 gnoll captain
    gendao01 dao

    Contributed by: megavolnutt99 

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