First of all if you don't like real RPGs, you shouldn't even be reviewing this game.

User Rating: 9 | Neverwinter Nights 2 PC
The pathetic reviews for this game from people who just have no clue what an RPG is supposed to be has been driving me crazy. I had to write my own review, after playing this game since it was released, I pretty much know everything about it. I am so tired of seeing people type "there's not enough action" and " it's too linear" or "don't you know you're supposed to have an open world to be an RPG."

If you are not interested in an RPG and are looking for action, if you are looking for nightmare in limited role-playing options (you can be good or bad), then go down the road and knock on Fallout 3's door. If you want some hybrid FPS/RPG go talk with Mass Effect. If any of this applies to you, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

I don't even want you to play this game. Because what will happen is that you'll play it, you'll hate it and then you'll come back here and post some incredibly ignorant post about how this "dis game sux cuz it got this top down camera **** going on."

If you are interested in an actual RPG with more than two options in role-play (Good, Bad and Somewhere in Between) than maybe you'll like this. If you enjoy a well written story line, entertaining NPCs, crap loads of dialogue (most voice acted), RTS like combat (you will be controlling up to 6 characters in your party at once and you will need to know more than three different types of actions, they, especially spell casters, have dozens of actions) a long campaign (80 hours) with sidequests that make sense and that tangential to the main storyline. If you are not scared away from those things than you will probably find this game to be excellent.

Personally, I think it, along with it's expansions are one of the few true RPGs to come along in years.