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User Rating: 9.5 | Neverwinter Nights 2 Platinum PC
I've played around 160 hours of that game, and still can't get enough. I'm not much of multiplayer kind of guy, so 90% of this time was spent on singleplayer only. Just a quick small review here. Don't have time to cover every single aspect, so it's just an overall view of the game.


Pretty neat graphics for the time it was made. Nice interface too. Best played at an high resolution i.e. 1080p. Performance was a mess when it first released, but all that is now patched up. They say a game should be reviewed upon it's release state, but since nowadays developers offering constant support with multiple updates/patches for at least over a year are so rare, I think games should receive review updates each time they release a patch bringing significant changes. Best thing about the graphics, the spell effects.



Sound effects are immersive, music is pretty neat too. Nothing epic, but everything pretty solid. Could have more voiced over conversations, and those that are are pretty normal. Not bad, not great, pretty basic. EDIT: Was I smoking weed while writting this? Voices are Epic. Well, Nishka and Kelgar ones are anyway. Others are normal to great.

7.5/10 Edit: +1 = 8.5/10


D&D skill/class/race system, what could you ask more? Well implemented into the gameplay too. Crafting could be a lot better though, and is pretty hard to understand compared to crafting in pretty much any other RPGs on the market.



That's where this game shines. Freedom, that's what this game is about. Freedom of choice, freedom of movement, freedom of progression. Every battles are satisfying, every quests are intriguing, every choices you make are gratifying. Choices in battles, choices in conversations. choices in puzzles. Every choices you make have an impact on you, your party and the story progression. You could play through the game twice with the same character and experience a completely different playtrough. Mix that with all the possible character builds that the D&D system lets you use, and you got a timeless game in your possession. Tired of the original, and official expansion campaigns? Browse the web and try some fan-made modules.


Overall: 9.5/10

This game is timeless. A must have, especially since studios like Bioware/Obsidian now took the direction of pleasing the mainstream gamers instead of the hardcore ones, and releasing either all flash no substance games (Bioware), or just flat-out bad products (Obsidian).