tons of pc fun

This is a fun game and if you never played any of the strategy warhammer game before this game will blow you away, This is one of the best real time strategy games ive played on pc or any console in a long time. The graphics are amazing to watch and look at as you watch your selected army come to life as they move across the battle field destroying or being destroyed by the computer AI or pvp on the game world map. What i love most is the online game play, ive stayed up till 5:00am playing this game. At first the controls might take some getting use to but once you get enough practice you will become a master general in the gaming world of warhammer, commanding your troops to move forward towards *Victory .The only major problem i have is the online load times can take forever, and it can become somewhat of a headache,trying to get a good multiplayer match started at times,(the quick start match up option seems to be useless) other then that this is a great game.