A Fantastic Game with a very haunting Storyline

This is one of the best FPS's that has come out this year, even on casual difficulty the game presents players with a series of very difficult tasks ranging form storming Red Star Alliance held villages to securing the few remaining oil refineries.

The players are armed with some of the most realistic high tech weaponry, that looks as though it was taken right out of the latest issue of popular science. The arsonel is your standard FPS, including pistols, assault rifles and grenade launchers, but the addition of drones that can destroy the enemy from a far away distances is a very nice feature.

The game's storyline though is by far it's most haunting aspect, because it's backstory is drawn from today's actual headlines, including oil shortages, aveon flu, etc. It presents the year 2024, in relation to two other events, namely the two World Wars. The game shows the world devided into two armed camps, the Red Star Alliance consisting of Russia and China, and the Western Collition consisting of the US, EU, and other Western nations, which mirrors the world of 1914 and 1939, and tensions over the world's remaining oil supplies are at the point where a single spark is needed to ignight a Third World War.

This game in particular, in addition to being a fantastic single player/multiplayer game, is also a warning for real life that unless things dealing with energy change the future this game shows, may in fact become our actual future.