FIFA 07 is similar to FIFA 06 but it has some changes including some cool new features.

I am not a hardcore fan of football but I like FIFA games. It might be the best FIFA 07 till date. It is my favorite FIFA game. (Since I have only played FIFA 02, 03, 06) Its same as FIFA 06, but there are some new features like Interactive League and it even has a manager mode.

Where to start? The menu. The menus are quite attractive. It has real pictures instead of usual game pics which was there in many FIFA games (except 06) The game can be played in many ways. Kickoff (which is like Quick Play. You select a team and start playing) Interactive League, Online Play Mode and there are many other modes. There is FIFA 07 Challenge Mode in which there are loads of challenges for you all. By completing these challenges and achieving some goals we get points by which we can unlock things like Jerseys, footballs (over 20 footballs), stadiums (over 50+ stadiums). There is also a special camera unlockable, and a "Funny SFX"

These all features will make you an addict. I never stopped playing this game for months. It never gets boring, believe me. The game has hundreds of leagues and thousands of players. The commentary by the two commentators will get you hooked. The commentary is different and it does not get repeated for a long time unlike any other games of EA Sports like Cricket Series and all that.

The gameplay is same as previous football games of EA. But there are many new moves in this game. The players get to use many different tactics and tricks. And the crowd will cheer you on always. The noise they make is brilliant. Its like you are playing a real football game out there in the stadium. The gameplay is smooth and you will not encounter any glitch on the way.( I haven't noted any glitch that's why) And the graphics are great. Detailed and looks real. All the players in the game look like the real players out there. Even the referees. Like all FIFA games we get to make our own squad.

The soundtrack is nice. There are many songs may it be of English or Spanish or any other language. All the songs are catchy. If you don't want to play the game, you still have the good soundtrack to hear if you get bored.

FIFA 07 will not disappoint football fans. Some players would be playing it for months.

Ratings: 9.4/10