One of the best games on GBA.

This is one of the best games ever to come on to the Gameboy Advance. This game has got me addicted. I can't stay away from it.

Gameplay 9/10: This game is overall one of the best games nintendo has ever made. It may not be one of the better mario games but is sure takes 1# in my book.

Graphics 9/10: The graphics were just amazing, I have never seen this good of grapchics on gameboy game. They are great i cannot beleive what I saw when I played this game.

Sound 8/10: Another classic of Donkey Kong's and Mario's voices. They had really sounded good and there is no way that they could of sucked in the voices. The sound effects were really good too.

Value 8/10: 30 bucks! That's amazing that was a real deal for this game. If you are not the person that buys games before you rent them, rent it. What do you got to loose?