A good, turn based (old school) Adventure-RPG with a nice story but a few bugs.

User Rating: 7.3 | NeverEnd PC
This game has, as usual gotten a poor review from Gamespot. As always the player and the other reviewers gave somewhat better scores.

This is a nice little adventure-style RPG, in which the heroine is an fairy expelled to the land of the mortals. She has hit some hard times and is trying to find her way back to the land of the Auren.

The game doesn't hold your hand when you travel so you sometimes bump against some overpowering enemies, but I suggest you remember you have a "run away" button ;-) Also you can see the boss-enemies so you can make an intelligent choice to fight them now or wait until later to get at them.

The Good:
The story is nice, the heroin is pretty and has a good voice. Graphics are 3D adventure third-person style with decent art. The spell and weapons system are well thought out. You can train up your different weapon skills adding new moves and collect runes to enhance your spell book. There are a lot of different weapon available.

The game makes it fun to gain new proficiencies and follow the plot. You can choose to follow a good or bad path.

The Bad:
Why some people may have issues with this game: the combat features a turn based system similar to Baldur's Gate or the Might and Magic series it is not pseudo real-time like Dungeon Siege.
It also has some bugs so you need the update. However the bugs are no worse than say the Spellforce series (which got 7.9 and 8.3 anyway, so how that for being fair gamespot?). There may be one or two minor quests which you will not complete because of this, no loss believe me. I had a few crashes to desktop (CTD) but the game save and load times are so quick that it was not really an issue.

Summary: not a triple-A game but a decent game that is worth playing.

You will like it if you like adventure and RPG games and are looking for game/storyline quality instead of graphics wow.

You won't like it if you prefer high-gloss super 3D graphics and bug-less games (I don't know if those exit though).