Totally new experience in RPG playing.

Graphic:(for it's time)7.5
Game play:8.5
Duration of playing:7.5

There is one thing about this game what is really interesting is combat style. It's totally original. Combat in this game doesn't depend just on tactic like other rpg's with random combat encounters it's also depends on your reflex in other words on your skills. The thing is when you select command in combat menu the judgment ring appears. Judgment ring is like a clock with pointer witch moves around clockwise. This "clock" has strike and hit areas. When pointer comes in contact with these areas you press the x button witch result you character attacks otherwise if you miss you lost your turn. Strike areas are for normal attacks and hit areas are for critical attacks and they are also much harder to hit. Monsters in battle has abilities to status effect your ring so it can go faster or slower and strike and hit areas can disappear. With items third, fifth and seventh key judgment ring can make more turn than one.
Storyline in this game has a lot of religious contents and it's story is really complex witch makes this game even more interesting. Unlike other games where you at the beginning have some clue how this game could end in SH that's not the case. If you never played this game be sure that it will never let you down.
I can say that SH is not hard at all. Items for health and magic are very cheap and usually where is the save point there is the merchant and there is combat area. Leveling up in this game is no problem. Getting best equipment is not hard at all.
Main character here can transform into fusion monsters you can get those in graveyard.They give you special abilities. When you are fighting monsters your malice level groves. When it comes to critical level strong monster is summoned in your next battle. Early in the game it means 100% death (game over). You can lover your malice level at graveyard. You can access graveyard at save point.
Shadow Hearts is really entertaining and it's story is pushing you to play this game. One thing witch is really bad about SH is that you can complete this game under 30 hours so it doesn't really goes with rpg standards.