Nerf: N-Strike Elite Cheats For Wii

  1. Codes

    Select your profile & then select the Codebook in the lower right hand corner. Enter these passwords with the Wii remote.

    Code Effect
    DUDE Unlock Cerberus CS-12
    DOOM Unlock Icarus HM-7
    RUSH Unlock Crusher SAD-G
    FLEX Unlock SemperFire RF-100
    PONG Unlock Hammerhead GL-1
    WIDE Unlock Hydra SG-7
    LOTS Unlock Vulcan EBF-25
    PING Unlock Longstrike CS-6
    ROCK Unlock Golithan UB-1
    DART Unlock Unlimited Ammo (toggle on/off from code list)
    IDOL Unlock Longshot CS-6
    DIRT Unlock Recon CS-6
    ICON Unlock Spartan NCS-12
    NERF Get 10 Canisters
    MENU 2x Scope
    PLAY Unlock all Levesl
    Color Scheme 1 BUGS
    Invincibility MISS
    Use your own blaster on the blasting range MINE 
     Unlocks dual mode light beam. LOST
    Unlocks nova tracer ammo LINE 

    Contributed by: Mew409