Good game idea but implemented badly

User Rating: 6 | Neocron PC
When I read up on this game I was very excited with all the possibilities that where presented on the box and on several websites. In reality you are very limited to what you can do and most of the time you are just in 1 sewer/open area till you level then move on to the next...and that is about it. The game is easily macro'ed and you will find that most people level up certain aspects of their characters by using a macro system and going AFK in their apartment. The crafting system isnt all that bad and is actually worth doing (unlike some other MMORPG's). One of my biggest issues is that Twilight Guardian who are enemies of all that dwell in Neocron have such easy access to the city..seems stupid to me. My BIGGEST issue with the game is being able to loot the bodies of people you have killed, what you end up having is high level TG going into low level sewers and completely emptying a newbies inventory.