A sequel that adds more fun than its predecessor.

User Rating: 8 | Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation PC
This game is good for a sequel and for good reasons. First of all, it installed on my PC much better than the first one. You get to see Woody again and his oh-so-wonderful, lager-belly neighbour.

Before anyone has anything to say about my spelling, I'm British, we spell things the right way. Anyway, this game takes us away from the old, grubby home to other places. As it says on the cover, on vacation. You go from cruise ship to China etc. So there's variation to the mischief that you'll be inflicting on lager-belly.

Also new to the game, are new characters, some of them are part of the michief while there's another that will bring twice as much of a challenge. The other character, would be lager-belly's mum, the old cow. She will be amp up the difficulty level so you need to execute your plans with grat timing if you don't want to be caught by both.

The gameplay is very much the same as the first one, plus there's a dexterity task you need to undertake in order for the mischief to take place. Such as having a hair pin, you need to align the hair pin to the hair-pin shaped space in order to unlock a cabinet. That takes time too.

All in all, it's actually quite decent and double the laughs.