Totally unique, there's never been a game like this before. The only way to describe Guild Wars is: GW is GW.

After hours and hours of playing this game since the release, I've decided to write a review though I really do suck at it, and neither am I intrested in writing. You'll have to excuse me for the occasional awkward english, as it's not perfect and not my primary language.

Guild Wars is Guild Wars, not World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XI, neither is it Diablo 2 though there can be some similarities. It was developed by a team consisting of some ex-blizzard employess after all, ArenaNet and NCSoft. They've surely done a great job on this game. I have to say this is one of the most enjoyable games that I've ever played, in my entire life, and maybe even forever.

The unique gameplay and style for this game is a perfect combination between a MMORPG and, let's say, the battle.net style lobby. Even if it can be pretty empty sometimes when you're in an explorable area, as you can only meet up with other people in towns and outposts, you'll be able to enter the same area with people in your party. The party is formed in the meet-up areas (towns and outposts) and as in other MMORPG's, you'll be able to fight other monsters or do the story-driving missions together. Cooperation is a very strong part of the game and can be pretty frustrating sometimes for the unexperienced, but by having some discussions with the team as for which skills you should equip and what kind of tactics you should have, you'll surely be able to complete everything without any problems. However, getting a team that's willing to cooperate, or rather being more social, can be hard in times. I would recommend you to join a good and friendly guild for this, not to mention they need to be mature, as they'll be willing to help you most of the times. This way you'll be able to rely and trust on people in your team. The skillbar, the bar with free slots there you can add skills, is limited to the small ammount of 8. This was a really good thing that they came up with, and will insure you to really use your brain and teamwork. When you enter an explorable area (areas where you can PvE and explore), you won't be able to change the skills you have in the slots. it can only be done in the meet-up areas, so choose wisely and equip the most necessary skills you'll be needing. Discuss with your team, and when everyone's ready, rock on! This game absolutly relys on teamwork. You won't be able to do it on your own, so never think that you're the best and rush straight into a group of mobs. Be sure to keep your team noticed as for which mob you should attack first and which route would be the best. Guild Wars has got this useful dynamic mini-map that you can "draw on" and click anywhere on it to notice the team where you actually mean in the area. There's also something called as calling, which usually is done by tanks such as warriors, or people with high-range attack, the ranger. What you basically do is to hold the ctrl key at the same times as double clicking the monster, and it will notify everyone in your team which monster you're actually attacking. It will also blink on the mini-map where that monster is located for the moment. This useful and intresting system in Guild Wars does make the teamwork alot easier.

The PvE aspect of the game is really fast-paced and can be really cool to watch. The effects on the skills are awesome, so the battles will always insure you to have your attention. You can get killed within seconds if you don't concentrate during a fight, so be sure to always have a look at your HP and your party-member's, especially monk's. They are the healers of Guild Wars and will keep your team alive. Monk's will be really necessary on the later stage of the game, but in the beginning, you'll do pretty fine even without one. As Guild Wars is PvP based, the PvE part of the game ends pretty fast, but enjoy while the PvE aspects of the game lasts. There's something called PvP awaiting you at the end, which is... AMAZINGLY good in Guild Wars. The GvG (Guild versus Guild) battles are the most enjoyable part of the game and will keep you busy for the rest of game. Hence the name. When PvPing, you can either choose to just have some fun in the Random Team Arenas, which will choose a random team for you. if you don't like randomness, and prefer to build and choose a team yourself, go to the Team Arenas. There, you will be able to form a party that will fight a random opposing team that's formed by other players when you enter the battle. Don't except the PvP to be like the other games. It's using a unique system, so it might take a while before you get used if you're a native MMORPG player.

If you ask me: Is this a game for everyone? Then I would say no. PvE is a weak part of the game, though the combat system has got potential, but because of the lack of dungeons and various instances like in WoW, it will end pretty fast. If you're looking for a traditional MMORPG game that mostly concentrates on PvE and grinding, this game won't last long for you. If you truly love fast-paced PvP that requires thinking and teamwork, then this game is what you've always been looking for. Do NOT miss it!