easily one of the best games out there to get, its a great game to get and very entertaining to play!

this game is very good, there is no doubt about it, its easy to get the grasp of, the puzzles are good, challenging, but they make you think about it, and once you get pass it, the feeling of accomplishment overcomes you. the characters in it are very memorable, glados being evil as usual and wheatley being hilarious throughout the game. one of the new things about this game is co-op, which adds more entertainment for you and a friend, which also brought two new characters to the game, atlas and pea body. and the last great thing i can think of is the fact its available for ps3 and xbox 360, a feature portal one did not have, and PC and ps3 are cross platforming allowing you to play with your psn palls if you are on the PC and the same thing the other way around. its worth the money, and it makes you want to play the next one that might come out.