Just about everything in a game you could want

I've been playing World of Warcraft since Christmas-time of 2005 and the game never really gets boring. The thing to the game that draws me into it for hours and hours is the level of complexity the entire game has to it, while still being action-packed and fun. It doesn't take anyone long to figure out the controls in how to operate the game, but it takes a while to understand the many subelties to the game that allow you to succeed at the higher levels. While this game might not have all the punch and swagger of a FPS or the intricate strategy of a strategy war game, it merges the two together and creates a whole no realm that is really fun.

While the cost might be a fact if anyone is interested, but a cost of 14$ a month is not much if you look at it as perhaps a movie ticket or layin off Taco Bell for a little while. The 14$ or so a month is definately worth it for all the updates and support Blizzard gives.