Just threw my controller into my bedroom wall

I actually did just that.. sure it was just my old six-axis since my dualshock 3 was getting charged, but I actually smashed my controller into a thousand pieces..
Here's why...

Man...where do I start. I love Killzone, I love the concept of Killzone but this game puts that love through the test.

(Before you read on it's important to know that I'm playing the game on the harder difficulty setting since the default setting is too easy and I didn't want to blow through the game in a few hours)

The problem isn't the fantastic visuals, the productionvalues or the fact that this is yet another humans versus humanoids shooter.

Part of the problem is that the game sets an absolutely relentless pace in that the combat never ever let's up. The gameplay basically concists of the player walking into frantic ambush after frantic ambush.. the stresslevel never ever ever let's up.

That in itself isn't a problem because games like the Call of Duty series became famous for doing just that.

The difference between those games and Killzone is that the latter basically ties one hand behind your back when dealing with those tight situations.
Yes, I'm also going to hate on the aiming mechanics.
They are not just sloppy, they are borderline gamebreakingly bad.

They wouldn't be so much of a problem if this were Rainbow Six, or Ghost Recon, and in the very few slower paced sections of the game they will suffice.
But in frantic fights like the one where you have to cross the bridge to the Helghast palace they are downright worthless.

The best way to describe the controls to someone who hasn't played the game is to say it's like playing Call of Duty on veteran after a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The combination of the terrible controls and the frantic stressful ambushes results in frustrating trial and error gameplay !

The problem is further fueled by the fact that the weapons become frightingly inacurate after just a second of holding the trigger.

So here we have a deadly combination of loose sloppy aim and reasonably unforgiving accuracy working hard to make the game way harder than it actually is.

The combination of a bad day at work and a dose of Killzone 2 proved deadly for my six-axis today ;-)

All in all K2 isn't a horrible game, but the combination of problems described above just mean that regardless of it's name, graphics and fantastic enemy AI...the game just isn't as fun to play

Since so many people are hating the controls and the fact that Guerilla games promised to take notice of peoples wishes I still have hopes that a patch will come.

It's just that right now, I deal with K2 rather than enjoy it...like I did Resistance 2.