An awesome review about the underground series and Most Wanted the best one and these game are from EA Games thanks guys

User Rating: 8.4 | Need for Speed Underground 2 XBOX
i will start at Underground . The customizing get a 9 because there was so much detail but it did not have a great variety of parts and when your race the lights are so hard on your eyes. They sovld the parts variety in Underground 2 with split hoods and awesome doors and the lights got better but it was allways Night. Underground 1&2 had a great story and felling of street Racing but in most wanted it just left the building you have to immobilize cop cars It is Awesomely fun but stupid like in real life no one will smash cars and they took a bunh of tuning out of the game that is all i have to say i like to thank EA and their Employs for doing a great job on these games.