Treyarch as a company will allways be behind IW...untill they start their own game serie.

Call of duty:world at war is another world war two shooter.
Another game that brings nothing new...or is it?
i have to say that this is the best game treyarch has made.
Even though the idea is so used that it almost makes you feel sick.
The game is made copy/paste method.Everything is same as cod4 but its on world war 2.
Singleplayer is okay,but what i whant to see is world war2 game that actually has some feeling to it.Characters that make you laugh.Characters who do have feelings...not just punch of peaple who are shooting enemys.
Gameplay is good,and the knifing is even better than it was in cod4.
In multiplayer weapons are all so more balanced.Theres less dmg diffrence.
It all so has perks and killstreaks...
when you get 7kills you get dogs wich i think are highly overpowered but if you can survive them no problem.
Game looks pretty much the same as cod4 in the graphic side,but its much more dark wich fits to the world war 2.