The best one yet.

I have never played a game with such a good a story as this one.Thhe story is so beutiful it makes me want to cry (jokeing its still an awsome story).Great graphics and a lot of adventuring and best of all its a long game.it took me 50 hours to beat the whole game.Battleing is fun but can be sometimes avoided like for instanse u can just run over trools with youre horse.The moves are cool and u can learn new ones to frome the golden wolf its loads of fun and ive played mine 3 times i think a great and cherished game.sadly tho the Re-Deads arent very scary there just boney but the only thing that barely scared me in this game waz the giant spiders the like pop outa nowhere creepy!I give dis awsome game a 9.5/10.if ur a zelda fan do not hezitate to buy this game if dont know of zelda buy it anyways im sure u will like it!