Great Sequel!!!

I say this is far more better than 1st Resident Evil. Introduces two new lead characters. What I really like about this game is the new weapons, for Leon upgradeable weapons (shotgun, pistols) and FlameThrower and for Claire, various ammunition for Grenade Launcher and the all new BowGun and SparkShot. But I say Resident Evil 1 is I think a little bit scarier because its setting is a Mysterious Mansion. I also like the alternate costume, makes you rep;ay the game and the unlockable weapons. The story line introduces a new virus which makes a plot in the game. Another notable increment in the gameplay is when the player's health is in danger the character slow its movement thus making it more vulnerable. All new enemies far more deadlier (lickers and Tyrant). Great Plot in the game, a 2 CD (2 Scenario) which explores the action of the 2 protagonist in concurrent event. A must have for those RE fans that haven't played this game.