The best Tales game Ever Made

I have never been a big fan of the Tales Series, and I was still sceptic about this game. first off if you have ever played the demo it does the game absolutely no justice whatsoever. this game is a must grab for RPG gamers period. The game starts off with a great introduction into the story and from the get go gets you addicted to the story. The Combat system is not much different than the other tales games but this one seems to have something compelling it forward. The characters are cool as well it has such a great cast. one thing that the game olds true and dear to, is (sorry to say) but the main character looks like a girl. I swear japan is obessed with femmy looking women. While the game is good it does have a flaw it is sorta hard I found myself repeating the first boss battle over and over again. until I finally found myself getting the hang of things. Like I said a must get game for RPG fans and of course you fell tales fans. If there is another taless game like this please let me know. highly recommended. a great game to add to your collection 9/10