**** **** **** THE 8.7 RATING
This game is the best in the whole world.At first I was a big fan of splinter cell because I didn't know about MGS 3 Snake Eaters.I liked Splinter cell,
Splinter cell2 but Splinter cell 3 dissapointed me abit.I got the recommendation of MGS 3 and I just fell in love with this game.
I played it nearly 4 times.
The gameplay is just perfect.We can climb trees,kill animals for survival,HEY and the stealth is just superb.thegame too is also big with very short loading times.
The graphics are just superb.You have to see it to believe it and that too in the playstation 2.
Sound is also like the graphics.We can hear the chirping of birds and the surrounding jungle sound.
I just loved the value of this game.
Agian I say This is the best game of the world.