Great to play. Better than ever.

User Rating: 10 | Need for Speed Underground 2 XBOX
When I saw that I could drive to races I thoght it was a good idea for them to do that instead of automatically going to the next place like the first game. The graphics are also good too a little realistic. They've added good songs from Chingy, Fat Joe, and others as well. Half of the cars I think were almost from the last game I think. The wicked part of it wa that you could race against other people while driving to either the shops, or the races!. You earn about $100.00 I think but it's quite hard with all of the cars in the way. You can easily get new cars by either goin on a magazine or beating the time limit is what the secret is!. Plus there's a secret car you can win in the middle of the game witch is cool! but I won't tell you haha =p sorry!!!!!!!!!. You've gotta get this game for either your X-Box or your X-Box 360!.