true crime is a great game

some people say that this game is mediocore or not so great but i dis agree entirly the game puts you in the shoes of nick kang a loose cannon cop whos trying to find out who killed his father.

true crime has an amazing story it kept me entertained the whole way through and part of the reason the story is so great is because of the well done voice acting. true crime also has an outstanding sound track with alot of hit artist such as snoop dogg and dmx. speaking of snoop hes also a playable character in true crime.

true crime does have flaws though. the amount gliches in this game border on the extreme and they arnt just little gliches either. one time i hit a wall and my car flew clear across L.A and hit a wall on the other side of L.A also in major gun fights the gamplay can get sloppy.

if your bord with san andrease and are having a hard time waiting for gta 4 then id recommend trying this!!