The game does deserve better than what it got from Gamspot, but it isn't perfect.

Playstation Allstars is a Super Smash Bros like fighting game for the PS3 that pits many Playstation characters against eachother. From God of War's Kratos to Metal Gear Solid's Raiden, you have many different options of characters to use.

Story 6/10
There really isn't much of a story other than the worlds of the main characters are somehow linked and they are somehow fighting eachother. Each character of the Arcade mode has their own story and rival. (Not really a story, but hell just go with it) You play through several stages of timed matches, two stages of kill limit stages, one stage vs your rival, and the final stage is the boss and after defeating him you gain an ending for that character.

Gameplay 9/10 (Depends online)
The game feels like Super Smash Bros, but with some tweaks and with PS characters. Instead of kicking the characters off the stage you kick the crap out of the enemy until you generate enough AP to use a super attack which comes in different levels. Each level is more powerful, accurate, or grants more kills (sometimes). Otherwise you will know that pressing certain buttons produces different attacks and defenses. The game modes of the game are timed, stock, or kill limit. Bots of the game can fall under this category because they are part of the game. They are stupid as most bots are and most of the time they will stand there taking hits or sometimes they will at least put up a fight. There is a challenge mode if you are looking to complete certain challenges for each character. There are some items in the game like Smash Bros, but they seem more annoying than Smash items.

Leveling 10/10
I enjoy the leveling system of the game, you unlock different intros, outros, taunts, backgrounds, minions, titles, costumes, victory musics, and portraits for your profile. It doesn't unlock a certain character or game changing crap.

Stages 10/10
Each of the stages can be hectic or peaceful if you turn off hazards, but each stage is different in its own way which is why I have always enjoyed the stages of the game.

Characters 9/10
Each character is different and has their own playstyle like Jack and Daxter are more like ranged users while Kratos will attack with melee over ranged. Some characters are easier to pick up than others and have better supers than others, but it all really boils down to player skill in the end. Certain characters generate AP a little too fast like Kratos who is easy to pick up, but also generates AP too fast.

Online Depends on your own experience, but most of the time many players will spam to win. Sure it might seem unfair, but whatever brings victory because there is not fair play in video games really. The game is fun, but like said is not perfect. I would rent it first unless you already own it or you have no intentions of buying it. 8.5/10