I cannot believe, the best serie of cars die in a land of repetitive racers and became just a marketing sponsor of nokia

User Rating: 5.5 | Need for Speed ProStreet PS3
this is for me one of the best series of games ever, games like the fantastic most wanted, or hot persuits make my gamer life better, but now, since the boring carbono, this series became just another marketing serie in what the guys believe they are cools with is new cell phones and ipods, is just badd attitude, if i saw something like that in real life i punch they in the face, they are stupids, but well , this game, is a half solid racer game, but get repetitive after a while, and the new style of racer is great but repetitive, and boring about 10 racers after, i cannot belive,, im start to hate electronics arts, they just gave borings games and make greats series get boring,,

let the force be with you young padawan