Yes its WWII but with a gritty and bloody twist.

To start things off this game actually has a story, I know it may seem like a lie but yes a WWII fps actually managed a story its amazing i know. well second of all yes the guns are familiar but its world war 2 the guns kinda have to be familiar. It is bloody and gory ecspecially for a ww2 shooter. Its graphics are amazingly well detailed from the gory remains of a nazi that you just blew his legs off with a shotgun to the guns themselves all have amazing detail. the guns work smoothly and are realistic. the audio is good and realistic. Multiplayer is fast paced and good. and to top it all off is nazi zombies i mean wat is better then blowing apart braindead facists? the exp system in it is phenomenal for multiplayer. all of the voice acting is awesome including the japs and nazis although u cant understand a word they say and i need more characters so ignore the dots......................................................