You have got to get this game.

This is one of the best fighting games I have ever played. I'll tell you why.

First things first, the graphics that Namco put into this game blew me away.
They are highly superb graphics which seem a lot better than SC2. There is a lot of detail in this game. The environments look awesome, the weather effect is great, and the way your clothes move when you're fighting and moving is very detailed.

This time the game has some highly brutal AI. During your first few fights, you won't notice that much of a challenge, play a little longer. You will get your butt kicked. Especially by Abyss. He beat me in 3 hits. You're going to need some strategy when you're getting into your fights.

Let's talk about the new features in this game. The create-a-character mode is great. You get a lot of ways to create your character and customize his/her color and clothing color. Only problem with that is you have to unlock a bunch of things to get the most out of character creation.

Chronicles of the Sword mode is nifty type of feature that is kind of like an RTS. You use created characters, send them into battle, capture things, and that's about it. But that mode is also how you get to unlock most of the extra stuff in CAC (create a character) mode.

You also get Quick Play mode which awards you money to go to the shop after beating down 8 characters and Mission mode that let's you fight under certain conditions.

That's all I have to explain to you about this game. Only problem is... no online play. Still, it is a great game to be highly enjoyed by anyone. If you haven't played this game... GO TO THE STORE NOW!!!

Overall. 10 out of 10, killer game.