This game will make you loose sleep and retire your other games!

The first thing you'll probably hear anyone tell you about this game is that it had NO MONTHLY FEE!!!! That alone should be enough to convert any MMORPG player.

Guild Wars operates on a skill based system. Where you set up to 8 skills from a possible 50-60 depending on what you expect to encounter. The personal copy of the Player vs. Environment map or area is nice in that it reduces lag and allows you and some friends (or solo with henchman) to fully explore and defeat all your enemies and to collect all the rewards. The prevention of unwanted Player killing and drop stealing is a breath of fresh air.

The economy is great with a simple yet immersive crafting system. You can either salvage the required items to craft that new piece of armor or you can go and buy the items for more gold but less hassle trying to find the area to get scales!

The availability of armor and weapons - more would have been nice and some more variety. Trying to rush to Lion's Arch to be able to buy the better armor without being run there is an invitation to high mortality rates! A nice thing about the death of your character and the resurrection at one of the two Resurrection Points in each area - is the temporary negative percentage Death Penalty (DP) that disappears once back in a town or over time with the accumulation of XP.

With the support of DirectSong the music is constantly being updated and expanded - it has a very nice soundtrack.

Game play is very easy to learn with the only clicking being - Select target, select skill, (repeat skill selection as necessary to keep alive or until target dies), repeat. The skill system drives the game especially when adventuring with other players.

The graphics are gorgeous! There have been times when I would just sit and watch the landscape and see the creatures moving around, or sea creatures swimming.

Definitely buy this game if you have any friends and live on a budget of some kind!